The whole process of moving house can sometimes become overpowering with the outwardly never ending amount of tasks to be done. A well thought plan and strategy will be hugely beneficial when it comes to the move itself.

The process of moving is better understood with a general overview of how it ideally should go. The following tasks should be done in order and when done completely, will help immensely with the moving process.

Step 1 – Reduce

It’s a great idea to actually reduce the volume of your personal belongings and items that you bring with you to your new home. Go through everything you own and ask yourself if you actually need it anymore.

Step 2 – Recycle

Furniture and electronic items can be recycled nowadays. If you’re getting rid of these types of items, dispose of them responsibly and find a local recycling centre that accepts these larger items. These days it is easier than ever to recycle and help the environment.

Step 3 – Organise

Divide your belongings into different groups, for example everything going to the kitchen should be in one group called “kitchen”. If you’re using a moving company or asking friends to help out, they’ll be able to move your items easily into the right places at your new home.

Step 4 – Pack

Use strong boxes to hold your belongings. Bubble wrap everything delicate and keep items containing glass or dangerous materials in boxes labelled fragile.

Step 5 – Move

Physically loading up the boxes into a van or car can be a physically demanding operation. Take advantage of extra help, for heavy items and boxes, use two people to reduce the strain.

Step 6 – Unpack

You’ve arrived at your new home and now you’re dreading the unpacking. But wait, all the boxes are in the right rooms because you marked them clearly beforehand, making it a ton easier on you. Set up a bin to discard all the wrapping and bubble wrap which you can easily recycle after. Then get unpacking!